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Technical Consultancy

 Providing Services that will keep your Application & Business running smoothly

Agresso Technical Services

We provide Agresso System Health Checks, Agresso Performance Tuning, Remote DBA Services and Agresso Upgrade and Installation Services.

Excellent Reliable Service

We are now 13 years down the line, so I think that counts for an excellent reliable service.

– Darryl Atherton, Application Manager, Wigan Council.

Our Skills

Our Senior Team has many years experience, we keep up to date with new developments & technology and we are consistently updating our skills.

SQL Server Database Administration & Managment
SQL Server Development
Agresso Technical Expertise
Windows Server

Agresso Health Check

Our Agresso Technical Health Check provides a full Technical Review of your;

– System Configuration
– Server Infrastructure
– Underlying Database
– Performance
– Availability
– Security

Each area is fully documented in detail in a Technical Review (TR) Report with issues highlighted and recommendations made for changes/improvements ensuring the Agresso system is fit for ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ purpose.

Agresso Performance Tuning

By its own design Agresso was developed to be optimized on a regular basis, if it isn’t then performance will deteriorate over time.  Ideally Agresso should be optimized by a Technical expert after an upgrade or any major development work.  At ERP Hosting we specialize in Performance Tuning Agresso and have provided this Service to many Customers over the years.  Some of the benefits they have realised are;

– Increased performance
– A positive increase in End User experience
– Reports running faster
– Resource savings

Agresso Upgrades and Installations

We have been carrying out Agresso upgrades and installations on a regular basis over many years.  We have recently upgraded several Organisations to Milestone 4 and Milestone 5.  We provide a consistent and quality Services we provided and that’s why Customers come back to use our Services time and time again.

Remote DBA Services

Our Remote DBA Services provides professional Database Administration by qualified SQL Server DBA’s.  There are 2 service options:

Option 1 Lowcost Monthly
This covers daily DBA system checks to ensure that your data is secure, the environmnet is problem free and performance is at its best.

Option 2 On Demand
DBA Servies charged on an hourly basis as and when required.

For more information call: 01942 366730
or email