What is Big Data?

In simple terms ‘Big Data’ is the latest technology buzz word for large volumes of data that Organisations want to analyse and analyse fast.  As data being stored (structured or unstructured) continues to grow at a rapid rate, so does the expectation that the data can and should be analysed faster to produce more meaningful information for the business.

Big Data that is managed, stored, manipulated and analysed effectively can provide a whole host of benefits for an Organisation.  Knowing more about the business and sharing the knowledge across all levels of the Organisation can be an enabler for better decision making, improved performance and gaining competitive advantage.  Business and IT professionals are recognizing this and are working more closely together, to better understand the intelligence the Business needs from its ‘Big Data’ and how best to deliver that intelligence.

Agresso is a good example of a system that contains large volumes of data that requires analysis. As more Organisations increase Agresso functionality the more the volume of data increases, as does the need to draw meaningful and useful information from it.  With the right combination of Infrastructure, a managed Database and skilled Resource, ‘Intelligent Information’ can be gained from Agresso empowering employees at all levels of the Organisation.